Attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for the success of our region’s business community. Our economy cannot flourish without acquiring the right talent at the right time.

In today’s global economy, competition for talent, investment and trade is no longer country versus country, it’s now major metro versus major metro. The Toronto region needs talent to ensure we’re leading the disruptive economy and building the infrastructure we need.

Latest Notable Projects & Initiatives

  • Housing a Generation of Workers: Defining the Problem. Read the report here.
    • This report, co-authored by the Toronto Region Board of Trade and WoodGreen, highlights the challenges that many workers face in finding affordable housing in Toronto, and calls on all partners – including employers – to be part of the solution to protect the city’s vibrancy and economic growth. 
  • Help Wanted: Modernizing employment and skills training services in Ontario
    • This report, co-authored by the Toronto Region Board of Trade, the Metcalf Foundation and United Way Greater Toronto highlights the opportunity for business and service providers to work together to develop solutions that are more responsive, flexible and effective in connecting people to available jobs and that help workers grow in their careers. Read the full press release here.
  • Priced Out: These were the people in your neighbourhood. Read the Toronto Star article here.
    • By using publicly available data on occupation income and housing costs, the Board highlights how by constraining housing supply in our city, we’re pricing out the people who make Toronto a great place to live. Sample salaries were informally confirmed in discussions with individuals and industry and modified to better reflect the Toronto context if relevant. (Salaries are reflective of the median salary and are intended to be illustrative since different employers may pay more or less for these positions.) 
    • For more information about how we developed these maps, including income assumptions, click here

Paramedic - housing maps. Read paramedic, Goran Mevic's, 34, story here

Construction Formworker - housing maps. Read construction formworker, Brian Torres's, 29, story here 

Social and Community Service Worker - housing maps. Read social worker, Carol Lee's, 45, story here 

Assistant Grocery Store Manager - housing mapsRead retail grocery worker, Deb Henry's, story here

Sous-Chef - housing maps. Read sous chef, Scott Birss's, 47, story here 

  • Toronto region Young Professionals’ insights into the region’s housing market 

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Young Professionals are Looking Beyond the 1-Bedroom Condo

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