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Becoming a member of the Toronto Region Board of Trade means being a part of Canada's largest and most influential business association.
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The Board advocates on your behalf, working with all three levels of government, and bringing your voice to key policy decisions that help ensure the Greater Toronto Area continues to thrive and is the best place to work and live.

Membership is Suitable for All Businesses & Professionals

The Board offers unique membership choices and flexibility. You can choose the type of membership that best suits your organizational and professional needs to reach our 11,500+ members.

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Corporate Memberships

For Medium to Large-sized Businesses who want to be a catalyst in the creation of a vibrant economic Toronto region.

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Individual Membership

For Start-ups to Small Businesses who want to open doors and access to resources and tools to expand their business.

Our Impact

The Toronto Region Board of Trade acts as a catalyst for the region’s growth agenda, at home and on a global scale with our World Trade Centre Toronto franchise. We advocate for our members for policy change that drives the growth and competitiveness of the Toronto region. 

We provide quality programming and expertise that will help you and your business grow. 

11.5K+ Members

100+ Partners & Sponsors

250+ Events Per Year

2022/2023 Member Benefits

Be a catalyst in the creation of a vibrant economic Toronto region. Your membership will open doors to new business opportunities and partnerships as well as providing exclusive access to industry events, data and resources that will be critical to you and your organization’s success.  

Meet our Member


We feature Graham Wong, founder and CEO of LAUFT Flexible Workspace.  As a founder of LAUFT, Graham has contributed his passion for creating experiences across a wide array of business verticals. All of this has culminated in the creation of their innovative network of on-demand flexible workspaces growing across the GTA and beyond. He is most proud of the team at LAUFT. Our achievements are a direct result of the energy and passion that they show up with everyday. 

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Graham Wong, CEO of LAUFT Flexible Workspace

“I'm proud to be a member of the Board because businesses create the opportunities that build cities, shape neighbourhoods, and change the lives of the people who work in these businesses. Being connected to a network of businesses is to be a part of a city in a more meaningful way.”

—Graham Wongt, CEO of LAUFT Flexible Workspace, Profile Member

Our Partners & Sponsors

Our strategic partnerships and collaborations are grounded in the unwavering belief that we can achieve great things together.  

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Want to become a member?

We’re ready to answer any questions you have about membership.
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