The Municipal Performance Committee examines core local and regional issues, develops policy positions, raises public awareness, and advocates for strong local governments that collaborate effectively with neighbouring municipalities and other levels of government. This Committee directs the Board’s major municipal campaigns, such as the VoteToronto2010 and the evolving 2014 campaign in anticipation of the upcoming municipal elections. These campaigns advocate for responsible fiscal policies, improved transportation infrastructure, enhanced social cohesion and economic inclusion, and democratic reform.

Making local governments work for everybody

It took a lot of hard work to make the Toronto Region one of the world’s most prosperous and dynamic business capitals. Our business communities – large and small – have always counted on strong, well-run municipal governments to be partners in building prosperity. Our Members have shared in the benefits of municipal services and civic pride that bring prosperity to all of us. We have a responsibility to ensure our civic tax base and fiscal framework remain strong. Our competitiveness and global stature depends on financially sustainable, well-run municipal governments able to respond to complex social and economic challenges.

The current challenge facing municipal governments across the Toronto Region is how to maintain competitive taxation rates and services in times of great fiscal uncertainty. Our Members have brought forward groundbreaking solutions to ensure our region remains strong and prosperous. We have worked closely with municipal stakeholders to craft solutions to the threat of a structural deficit. Every year, we play a major role in the important deliberations that establish the City of Toronto’s operating budget.

We have also been the driving force toward regional strategic co-ordination of our economic development initiatives.

The Toronto Region is at a crucial stage in its development as a global business capital. We are undertaking major transportation and transit improvements, creating a liveable waterfront, and preparing for the 2015 Pan-American Games. Our Members’ work has had a direct impact on the City of Toronto’s fiscal framework, moving it off the path toward a structural deficit and on a road toward sustainable investment, infrastructure improvements and revenue growth. We will continue to encourage more collaboration and co-operation amongst local governments in critical areas like economic development to ensure our future prosperity is shared broadly and fairly.

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"Bless you, Toronto Board of Trade, guardians of the city’s business elite. You get Toronto. You understand its vulnerabilities. You are prepared to commit business to help ease her vulnerabilities. The latest evidence is your 2012 budget submission to city hall on the eve of the city council vote next week…It reflects a progressive understanding of the fiscal challenges and the social responsibilities that rest in the hands of Mayor Rob Ford and city council. The politicians would do well to heed the advice."
Royson James, Toronto Star, Jan. 12, 2013

"We need to think of ourselves as bigger than any one municipality. And we need institutions that embody this regional perspective.”
John Doig, Regional Sr. Vice President, Scotiabank