was the Toronto Region Board of Trade's policy and multimedia campaign to put regional economic success at the forefront of the 2011 Ontario election. Over the course of 2011, the Board conducted surveys and consulted with our Members, economic experts and other consituencies concerned about the best paths to achieve renewed economic growth. We provided an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions through discussion papers, polling, online forums and the media. Our campaign shone a spotlight on the infrastructure and regional governance challenges facing the Toronto region. At the core of the campaign, the Board published a series of papers providing thought leadership to ignite the provincial debate leading up to a very important election.


  A Framework for a Stronger Toronto Region and a Prosperous Ontario

The Board launched its VoteOntario2011 campaign with the release of A Framework for a Stronger Toronto Region and a Prosperous Ontario. The paper provided undeniable evidence that there were two essential components to economic growth: jobs and the infrastructure they rely on. To secure our prosperity, Ontario and the Toronto region needed to focus on both as related concepts, and political parties had a duty to provide realistic, achievable solutions in the 2011 Ontario election campaign.
  Shifting into High Gear

This paper drew upon the findings of Toronto as a Global City: Scorecard on Prosperity 2011,  in which Members expressed concern that the Toronto region's economic performance did not match its potential. Shifting into High Gear explored what could be done to ensure that our region's economic growth and job-creation performance could lead the world's business capitals. Key recommendations of the report included, promoting and strengthening the Toronto region's key economic-sector clusters and better coordinating regional inbound investment and trade-promotion efforts. 

Our President and CEO, Carol Wilding discusses, Shifting into High Gear on Business News Network's 'Squeeze Play'


  Reaching Top Speed

The last paper in the VoteOntario2011 series, Reaching Top Speed, documented how the Toronto region's infrastructure deficit was making it harder to do business, potentially choking off future growth and threatening our prosperity. While recognizing this infrastructure deficit was historic – at no time in the past have we allowed our region to fall so far behind – it was not insurmountable. We clearly indicated to politicians that financing and building these infrastructure requirements required innovative and realistic funding plans to make them a reality, and we needed to consider new revenue tools to pay for them.

  It's About T​ime

All of these papers were released in a final report entitled, It's About Time, which formed our 2011 Ontario election platform. The report outlined the history of the Toronto region's prosperity challenges, the current state of affairs, and a roadmap establishing how government, business and communities can work together to achieve our shared goals. The Toronto Region Board of Trade was successful in setting the tone on economic development issues in the election and pushing political leaders to address the policy proposals outlined in It's About Time.

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It's About Time

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​​"On behalf of the York University community, I am pleased to offer our support to the Toronto Region Board of Trade as they lead the dialogue on regional economic coordination. The economic prosperity of the GTA requires collaboration between all levels of government, the private sector and academic institutions. As the University situated in the heart of this region, we at York are committed to playing a central role in the economic and social development of our region and country."
Mamdouh Shoukri, President & Vice-Chancellor,
York University

"A strong and prosperous Toronto Region requires a co-ordinated approach to its economic development and the Toronto Region Board of Trade has put forward a compelling case which businesses and the political parties must stand behind. Tackling the impediments to our future economic prosperity should be a chief priority for us all." 
Carl Lovas, Canada Chair & Managing Partner,
Odgers Berndtson

"Predominate factors to alleviating gridlock across the region's nine municipalities are two subway lines into York Region and several bus rapidways for our YRT/Viva transit service. We need everyone at the table to ensure that the Toronto region remains economically viable now and into the future. Public transit infrastructure is at the heart of that vision." 
Bill Fisch, Chairman and CEO,
York Region

"We stand behind the Toronto Region Board of Trade as they call on government to invest in transit infrastructure. Mobility is vital to the social and economic wellbeing of the Toronto region and our increasing commute times have us lagging behind the rest of the world."
Michael W. Roschlau, President and CEO,
Canadian Urban Transit Association