With the convergence of both provincial and municipal elections for the first time in a decade, 2014 marks a critical juncture in the history of the Toronto region. It is a rare opportunity to tackle pressing that threaten the future prosperity of the rapidly expanding Toronto region.

With this in mind, in January, the Toronto Region Board of Trade launched its Think Twice, Vote Once – Decision 2014 campaign to focus attention on how our political leaders plan to address the priorities that matter most to the future prosperity and competitiveness of our region.

As our initial campaign discussion paper, Think Twice, Vote Once – Decision 2014, points out, the campaign aims to shape public debate on four important ballot box issues, proposing a region-wide approach to address them:

  • Building regional transportation now
  • Increasing fiscal capacity to upgrade civic infrastructure
  • Promoting job creation across the region
  • Closing the prosperity gap

Through the release of five reports, the Board is helping to frame the debates shaping this year's municipal elections and recent provincial election by putting forward our Member supported recommendations for addressing these issues. Throughout the campaign, we are informing Members and voters in the Toronto region about the issues and urging them to "think twice" about which mayoral candidate will act with regional vision and work collaboratively to address our regional issues, with credible plans and credible means for addressing these issues.

Build Regional Transportation Grow The Region's Economy Support Regional Prosperity Fund Regional Infrastructure
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