Enough of Not Enough: Getting action to build a dynamic city

When it comes to standing up for our prosperity, the Toronto Region Board of Trade does not stand alone. Millions of citizens share our commitment to build a dynamic city that encourages productivity, entrepreneurship and investment. We also share a determination to be treated fairly. In 2004, we launched our Enough of Not Enough campaign to remind governments that citizens contributed $9 billion more in taxes than we received in benefits and services. The time had come to invest in our city’s future.

Our grassroots campaign put pressure on federal and provincial governments to stand with Toronto, end years of complacency, and act to secure our future as a dynamic global business capital. Our 12,000 Members rallied together with other civic leaders, activists and regular citizens to demand that our city be treated fairly. Our efforts and determination to make your voice heard kick-started the historic and long overdue waterfront revitalization initiative that is transforming this city into a recreation jewel and A-list tourist destination. The Enough of Not Enough campaign also set the wheels in motion for a 21st-Century transit system to connect all corners of our city, as well as helping us gain ground on the development of quality, affordable housing to help accommodate 100,000 new citizens who come to our city region every year.