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Accountability to our Members 

The Annual Report is part of the Board's commitment to our Members. Released annually at our AGM, this report: highlights our efforts against our strategic areas of focus─what we’ve done and where we’re going, thanks our generous sponsors and notable influencers who have come to our Podium.  

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As a member-driven organization, the Board relies on committee volunteers — business leaders and stakeholders who share their expertise, insight and influence on decisions and actions to help make the Toronto region one of the most competitive and sought after business regions in the world. 
Board committees are focused on advancing a business-led advocacy agenda that delivers results on Trade, Transportation and Talent.


Policy and Advocacy Committee

The Policy & Advocacy Committee provides strategic oversight of the Board’s policy committees and official policy statements. 

Committee Focus: guiding the strategic advocacy direction of the Board to ensure the development and implementation of policy positions and advocacy actions to advance the competitiveness and economic prosperity of the Toronto region.

Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee advocates for programs and policies encouraging regional economic growth, enhancing commercial development, supporting global trade and attracting investment. 

Committee Focus: cultivating business-led industry cluster strategies that foster business and investment opportunities and enhance the profile of the Toronto region as a global champion. 

Infrastructure Committee

The Infrastructure Committee develops policy positions and undertakes advocacy initiatives to advance infrastructure priorities that are essential to the Toronto region’s growth, competitiveness and quality of life. This committee focuses particularly on regional transit and transportation networks.

Working Groups

Energy Working Group

The Energy Working Group develops policy positions and advocacy plans around security of supply, reliability of energy infrastructure, emerging technologies, conservation and demand management (CDM), climate change and pricing. The group advocates for an efficient, affordable, reliable system that incorporates a mix of sources and technologies to ensure business competitiveness while meeting environmental challenges.

Smart Cities Working Group

In 2016, the Board and the City of Toronto partnered in the creation of a Smart Cities Working Group to identify how the City can leverage information and communication technologies (ICT) and digital connectivity to enhance the quality and performance of city services, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with citizens. The working group is charged with developing an Smart asset inventory and an integrated Smart City roadmap for Toronto that incorporates local innovations and international best practices.