2018 Municipal Election

To confront its competitiveness challenges, Toronto needs a plan of action.  

City Hall plays a critical role in ensuring Toronto remains a globally competitive city for business to grow and create jobs. This election, we are urging candidates for Mayor and City Council to adopt the plan of action in its Better Business playbook

“Toronto consistently ranks as one of the world most attractive cities for business investment with its high standard of living and educated workforce,” says Jan De Silva, Toronto Region Board of Trade President & CEO. “But, competitive advantages don’t just happen; they require attention, planning and foresight. Toronto faces competitiveness challenges brought on by global trade uncertainty, U.S. import tariffs, declining productivity, congestion and high municipal business taxes. We risk losing our advantage if Toronto’s next Council does not implement a plan to maintain it.”


Talking to the candidates videos

How do the campaigning parties plan to address Ontario’s business needs? Watch these videos to hear candidates from all three parties answer questions on this election’s hot topics.





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2018 Provincial Election


To mitigate the costs of an increased minimum wage and high energy prices faced by Ontario business, the Board is calling on the campaigning parties to harmonize and cut provincial property taxes on businesses. Overall, Ontario received a middling ‘C’ grade across 18 indicators businesses consider when determining their capacity to expand within and outside our borders. While the ranking reflects Ontario’s strengths, such as a highly skilled workforce with high general and female participation rates, it also reveals areas requiring improvement to increase jobs, boost wages, foster greater innovation and generate economic growth.

Below you’ll find our Competitiveness Policy Playbook.

Competitiveness Policy Playbook

Full Technical Paper

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