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TRSM Executive Education - Making Sense of Financial Statements

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  • Location: Toronto Region Board of Trade
  • Room: 3rd Floor - Ridout

Financial statements are the most ubiquitous form of information about the performance of your business. Many business owners and managers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of this data and may not fully understand how they can use it to improve their organization’s results and engage key stakeholders. The ability to get the “big picture” and leverage that understanding into managerial action is as important to today’s careers as being tech- and social media-savvy.

This workshop will bust the myths of financial statement complexity and provide simple frameworks and tools for making sense of “the numbers,” developing insights about financial performance, and communicating these in ways that matter. Completing the workshop will allow you to:

  • • Understand your key stakeholders, their evaluative criteria, their differential expectations for your organization’s financial performance and how you can communicate meaningfully with them;
  • • Apply a unique framework for deconstructing financial statements that maps directly to evaluative criteria;
  • • Focus on select analytical tools to create insights for action to improve your bottom line and curb financial risk.