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Terms of Use:

USAGE: The purchaser has unlimited use of the respective data product for a period of one year from the purchase date.

RESTRICTIONS AND USER REGISTRATION: : The data product may only be used by the purchaser and may not be sold, rented, leased, lent, sub-licenced or otherwise transferred, with or without consideration, to any party who is not the registered purchaser. The purchaser may not develop or derive for sale or commercial purpose another product in print, machine readable, electronic, digital or any other format that incorporates or uses any part of this data product. It is the purchaser’s responsibility at all times to ensure that the use of this data product complies with these terms and to seek prior written consent from The Board for any use not specifically and expressly permitted in this agreement.

APPROVAL: The purchaser shall not use the name or the registered or common law trademarks of the Board in any of its commercial or promotional material (in any format, including printed or electronic) without the prior written consent of The Board. Such consent may be granted or withheld by the Board at its sole discretion, with or without further terms and conditions. The purchaser shall not use the data for any illegal, obscene or improper purpose or manner or in such a way as would bring The Board into disrepute. The Board reserves the right to request and receive a copy of all literature, telemarketing scripts or marketing material prior to their use in conjunction with this data products for approval by The Board. The Board may approve the literature/script/material, with or without modifications, or withhold approval. Where The Board does not provide approval, the purchaser shall not use the literature/script/material with respect to the individuals or businesses listed in data provided by The Board.