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ExecuLeads Toronto

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Sales database to connect to top decision makers in the Toronto Region

ExecuLeads Toronto is your number one source for key contact information for business decision makers across the Toronto region. Featuring a dynamic database that identifies 16,900 top executives, ExecuLeads Toronto is a must-have resource that streamlines your sales process.

Learn more and start using ExecuLeads Toronto as part of your sales strategy today.  Contact us at 416.862.4515 or

Features and Benefits:

  • Reach over 16,900 executive decision makers
  • An easy-to-use spreadsheet format lets you track, organize and assign sales territories.
  • Customize your reports by location, title and sector, or prepare sales reports, charts and graphs to gain executive buy-in
  • Spans all types of organizations with 50 employees or more across the Toronto region
  • Fields include: company name, address, telephone, website, line of business, NAICS, employee range, up to ten contact names, titles and salutations
  • Contact information provided from ten functional areas including : president, CEO, finance, operations, HR, purchasing, IT, sales, marketing and communications
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