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Past Events

Missed an event or wish you could see it again? Watch our past events here.

Start Date Event Name Speaker
01/20/2021 Digital Certificate Program: Maximize Impact with Audience-Driven Marketing
01/14/2021 Trade Accelerator Program - Multi-Sector January 2021 Trade Accelerator Program
01/13/2021 Cisco Innovation Series: Getting Ahead of the Digital Curve
12/16/2020 RAP Digital Certificate Program: Grow Your Business with Customer Relationship Management
12/15/2020 Building a Better Toronto: What Will Recovery Look Like in 2021?
12/10/2020 Young Professionals Network: Zoom Your Career Forward
12/10/2020 RAP Digital Certificate Program: Perfecting Points of Tech Interaction
12/09/2020 RAP Webcast Series: Building a First-Class Digital Roadmap with RAP Graduates
12/04/2020 What’s Next for the Toronto Region?
12/01/2020 Essential Housing: Building Towards Toronto's Recovery
11/25/2020 RAP Digital Certificate Program: Cybersecurity Essentials for Small Business
11/25/2020 Transportation Summit 2020
11/18/2020 RAP Webcast Series: Solving the Puzzle of Digital Marketing Strategy
11/17/2020 RAP Digital Certificate Program: Unlock your Digital Future with Cloud Infrastructure Management
11/16/2020 Smart Cities in Canada: A Market for Growth
11/16/2020 Trade Accelerator Program - Multi-Sector - November
11/09/2020 Smart Cities Mission to Europe 2020
11/09/2020 Smart Cities Mission to Europe 2020 - General Program
11/04/2020 RAP Webcast Series: How to Effectively Embrace Digital Disruption
10/29/2020 Transformation & The Future of Work
10/28/2020 Power Breakfast: The U.S. Election & Canada’s Energy Future
10/28/2020 RAP Digital Certificate Program: Grow your Business with Inclusive Digital Strategy
10/28/2020 Trade Accelerator Program - Creative Industries - October Trade Accelerator Program
10/26/2020 Virtual MedTech Mission to Netherlands
10/22/2020 SNC Lavalin: Reimagining Sustainable Infrastructure
10/21/2020 RAP Webcast Series: Master the Management of your Remote Sales Team to Boost Revenue
10/19/2020 Young Professionals Network Future Forward Series: Building Diverse & Inclusive Workplaces
10/14/2020 RAP Digital Certificate Program: Decision Making and Technology: The Need and Opportunity
10/08/2020 YPN Future Forward Series: Charting the Job Market of the Future
10/07/2020 RAP Webcast Series: Building a Cyber-Resilient Business