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Beyond Bailouts: Leveraging Public Assets For a Prosperous City

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The Quay, 3rd Floor, 100 Queens Quay East, Toronto, ON

In Person

Cities in the Toronto region are at an inflection point.

Conversations about this topic have often focused on “who pays for what.” While this debate is important, we must also examine how cities can operate and deliver services differently and more effectively leverage public assets to facilitate a more stable, attractive environment for business and residents.

Join us for an event that will explore bold and innovative approaches to address the financial and operational crises Toronto and other cities face in the region.

Event Overview

Toronto is Canada’s commercial and economic capital, but its public finances are unsustainable and annual bailouts from upper tiers of government will not solve our fiscal crisis. In addition to grappling with a significant and pervasive budget shortfall, the City has a growing backlog of almost $29 billion in unfunded projects by 2032. This reality threatens both livability and business competitiveness.

Last fall’s three-year “New Deal” between Toronto and Queen’s Park offers some breathing room, it is only a stopgap. It’s time to explore bold and creative opportunities for the City of Toronto to better leverage its significant public assets. Toronto businesses have a big stake in the outcome.

The ambition: to reduce the future tax burden on citizens and businesses while enabling economic growth and enhanced livability.  It’s a tall order – but it can be done.

Independently and in collaboration with other cities in our region, Toronto needs to implement structural changes that reimagine operations, sustain core services and tap into the potential of Toronto’s large portfolio of public assets. 

It’s time to bring business to the table to support the city in asking the tough questions and finding the necessary efficiencies. The consequences for business investment and long-term competitiveness will be far-reaching.

Join business leaders, political decision makers, global experts and local urban visionaries as we work to unpack solutions for sustainable cities that foster stronger business communities. Together we will dive into relevant global best practices, locally-driven solutions, and constructive dialogue to move our city beyond mid-twentieth century models - and beyond the bailouts.