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Making Toronto one of the most competitive business regions in the world requires sensible government policies.

We are committed to ensuring all levels of government clearly hear and respond to the voice of the business community.

How We Advocate

Depending on the use and the policymakers involved, the Board’s advocacy efforts may be public, private or a mixture of both.

These include:

  • Policy reports
  • News releases and open letters
  • Media interviews
  • Participation in government consultations
  • Sharing information via social media
  • Private meetings with politicians and senior bureaucrats
  • Deputations and written submissions to committees at City Hall and Queen’s Park

Latest Projects & Initiatives

  • 2018 Provincial Budget Report Card - The Board's position on the Provincial budget and how it impacts our region.
  • 2018 Federal Budget Report Card - The Board's perspective on the Federal budget and its impact on the Toronto region. 
  • Canadian Global Cities Council (CGCC) Calls for National Urban Strategy to Advance Infrastructure Delivery - In this paper, CGCC proposes a shift from our current ad hoc project-based approach to federal investments in Canada’s major metros to one that aligns investments with regional priorities to accommodate growth and competitiveness. 
  • Labour Law Reform - In addition to the opposition led by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, the Board has voiced its disagreement with the provincial government’s proposed changes to Ontario’s labour laws such significant changes in the absence of further information or offsets. 
  • Federal and Provincial Budget Report Cards – The Board introduced report cards to provide a concise response to the federal and provincial budgets.  
  • Revenue Tools to Fund Transit – As the conversation shifted from where to build transit lines to when and how to pay, the Board strongly advocated for timely decision-making to spur action on new revenue tools to fund transit infrastructure projects.  
  • Unlocking Value – the Board’s asset monetization report identified several areas, including the Toronto Parking Authority, where the City of Toronto could better use real estate assets to maximize the value of municipal infrastructure and free up more funds for priorities such as transit.
  • Think Twice, Vote Once: Decision 2014 – This discussion paper provides a Toronto region business perspective on the core ballot box themes for municipal and provincial election year 2014.

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