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YPN Future Forward helps you

Make Connections, Even during these Challenging Times.

Connect to the right people, knowledge, and training you need to advance your career and self during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

Future Forward

YPN’s Future Forward is a program designed to provide Networking, Skills Development, and Expert Advice, to support young professionals during these uncertain and challenging times brought on by the COVID-19 crisis.

Rising During a Downturn

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Government and business leaders who have been through economic challenges before provide advice and guidance.

Managing Stress for
Positive Change

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Learn from mental health experts about necessary skills to manage and adapt during COVID-19.

Financial Markets & Your
Financial Future

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Hear experts discuss the current economic outlook during COVID-19 and share advice on how to plan and prepare your personal finances for tomorrow’s growth.

Surviving Disruption

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Hear about our Region’s ability to rebound and what kind of growth models need to be considered to become more resilient.

Enabling Canada’s
Tech Future

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Learn how Toronto can lead in modernization of technology regulations, to help weather the demands of the new economy brought on by COVID-19.


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Develop skills and foster relationships with our expert-led virtual events and professional development workshops.



Young Professionals Network connects individuals under 40 with industry leaders to gain the advice, knowledge, and mentorship needed to advance personal and professional growth.

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